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Michelle Ford

Cozy Mystery Author

Cheese is pungent. Murder stinks.

Read the Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries today!

Water buffalo, a pitchfork, and stabbed cheese...

Meet Brianna West, owner of the Golden Moon cheese café, as she navigates Driftwood Island's quirky community of old friends, cheese gourmands, and mysterious murders.

Like your murder mysteries with more tea than gore, and more small-town characters than detectives?

Then try reading the Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries today!

Cheesy Quattro: Books 1-4 of the Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries
Cheesy Quattro: Books 1-4 of the Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries

Cheesy Quattro: Books 1-4 of the Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries


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Meet the Author

Welcome! I'm Michelle Ford. Although I'm a debut cozy mystery author, I'm an old hand at the publishing world, with 20 novels in a different genre written as Emma Shelford, with hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon. I couldn't resist combining my love of the west coast of Canada, the intriguing complexities of mysteries, and my adoration of cheese. And so, Murder and Mozzarella was born, book 1 of the Cheese Café Cozy Mysteries.

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What is Cozy Mystery?

Cozy mystery is a genre of mystery novel that focuses on the characters more than the crime. These books usually take place in a small town filled with quirky characters, and the main character is an amateur sleuth, not a professional detective. If you like Agatha Christie novels, you're probably a fan of cozy mystery!

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The Cheese Cafe Cozy Mysteries take place in the town of Snuggler's Cove, on the Canadian West Coast. The island is filled with colorful people: Dot Dubois walks her goat on a leash, Magnus Pickleton rules the cheese club with his glower and beard, and nobody knows for whom Hilda Button is darning all those socks for.

Visit Brianna West and her cheese club in Snuggler's Cove today!

Start with Murder and Mozzarella (book #1):

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